Someone's Intermediate Representation


Please refer this link from page 13 to 21.

Framework of Inductive Definitions

This chapter is the development of basic framework of inductive definitions.

An inductive definition consists of a set of rules for deriving judgments.

Judgments are statements about one or more abt’s of some sort.

The rules specify necessary and sufficient conditions for the validity of a judgment, hence fully determine its meaning.

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Here is the problem link.

This problem is all about BFS, but it really points out some of my weak points.

I almost cried in the library since this problem had bothered me for such a long time, I tried so hard, and I succeeded after all! Cheers!

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Personally, I think dynamic programming is very important for a coder. This is not a specific skill but a kind of idea or method of thinking. This helps you get a global optimal result step by step from the easiest condition to the current condition, which is the task we need to solve.

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Since I don’t have much experience in coding and I just do it for fun, I hope my code can bring you some happiness and understnading here…

This is just USACO 1.1, easy. But the problem afterwards are hard…

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