About Me

Hang Su (苏杭)

Department of Computer Science

University of Virginia

Email: hs2nu@virginia.edu

Blog: Nomad Note

Research Interest

Cryptography, Computer Security, Programming Language Theory.

I am also broadly interested in theoretical computer science.



Shorter and Faster Post-Quantum Designated-Verifier zkSNARKs from Lattices (To Appear).

Yuval Ishai, Hang Su, and David J. Wu. In ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS). 2021.

Research Experience

Research Assistant advised by Dr. David J. Wu at University of Virginia, Jan., 2020 - present

Research Topic: Lattice-Based Post-Quantum Cryptography, Zero-Knowledge Proof and Verifiable Computation.

  • Designed an efficient Module-Learn-With-Error (MLWE) based encryption scheme.
  • Developed a variant Fast-Fourier-Transform (FFT) algorithm over small fields or fields with small characteristics for more efficient finite field polynomial interpolation.
  • Implemented a ZK proof system (ZK-SNARK) that can verify circuit computation with circuit size 2^20 at 128 bit security.
  • 30x smaller proof size and 50x faster prover than previous post-quantum candidates, plausibly the best under post-quantum settings.
  • Mathematically proved the statistical and computational level of security.
  • Submitted a first-authored full length paper to ACM CCS 2021.

Research Assistant advised by Dr. Tim Menzies at North Carolina State University, Spring 2018

Research Topic: Topic Modeling in Human-Readable Structure.

  • Developed a faster and more succinct topic modeling method based on Latent Dirichlet Allocation.
  • Accelerated topic classification within a tolerable range of error.
  • Comprehended the mechanism of state-of-art practical data mining skills.

Research Assistant at Emerging Computing Technology Laboratory, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fall 2017

Research Topic: Logic Circuit Delay Decrease and Approximate Logic Synthesis Algorithms.

  • Proposed applying max-flow min-cut algorithm on approximated Boolean Function.
  • Developed a robust library for BLIF format logic circuit file parsing.
  • Built a rapid logic circuit simulator by transforming circuit file into C++ code and compiling it.
  • Simulator achieved over 5000x speed-boost compared to simulation based naive implementations.

Teaching Experience

Served over 150 students in UM-SJTU-JI.

  • Teaching Assistant for VE216 (Signal and System), Shanghai Jiaotong University, (May., 2018 - Aug., 2018)
    • Led weekly lab sessions, met one-to-one with students during weekly office hours.
    • Assisted instructor in designing exams and projects.
  • Teaching Assistant for VE482 (Operating System), Shanghai Jiaotong University, (Sep., 2018 - Dec., 2018)
    • Led weekly recitation class, graded exams and homeworks.
    • Maintained the first course grading server in institute, system served over 100 students without failure or crash.


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